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What exactly is leaky gut?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021


What exactly is leaky gut? In this short video, I'm going to try to explain what leaky gut is and how it could really impact your health. So, first of all, this is a representation of what it looks like inside of your small intestine. This is where all the food that you eat, your amino acids, your carbohydrates, your fats, all travel through here. These little finger-like projections, those are called microvilli, and those are designed to help increase the surface area so that when the food's coming through there, those food particles can go ahead then and absorb right into your bloodstream.

So here is a representation of what a healthy intestinal lining looks like. So up here is where you have your food particles going through here, your fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. And what's important to note here is the healthy, tight junctions. Those actually hold the cells together nice and tight, okay? That's really important. We'll discuss that in a second. But up here you have your food particles. So again, your fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, but in order for those food particles to be absorbed correctly, they actually get broken down into fatty acids, proteins get broken down into amino acids, and the carbohydrates get further broken down into glucose, okay? So once those are properly broken down, the amino acids will connect up with these microvilli and then they'll travel through eventually into the blood flow and into the bloodstream and the bloodstream will carry those building blocks for your body's function.

Now, here is a representation of what happens in leaky gut. So you notice here that the tight junction is actually broken down and is separated. So as a result, you have things like bacteria and viruses traveling through and able to get right into the bloodstream. So also the undigested proteins that you're eating, instead of getting broken down all the way down into amino acids, some of those full proteins can actually leak through here, hence the name leaky gut, right into the bloodstream.

Now, when that happens, the body produces antibodies. There's an immune reaction because the body looks at those undigested proteins as an invading organism. So it develops antibodies against those food particles. And hence, as a result you get the food reactivity or food sensitivities that people can suffer from. It's kind of like having a chronic infection all the time. And if you don't remove those foods from your diet, you end up continuing to feed that immune reaction. And that immune reaction can further develop into things like headaches, skin conditions, heart problems, respiratory problems, breathing problems, and so forth. So it can really, really negatively impact your health.

So in order to correct this, it's important to do two main things. Number one, there's various tests on the market that test for these antibodies that can identify what foods you're sensitive to. So it's important to get one of those tests to be able to find out actually what you're sensitive to and eliminate that food from your diet, okay? The other thing is that we want to heal these tight junctions up. We want to heal this intestinal lining up. And we do that with three different vitamin supplementation programs. One is L-glutamine that helps provide building blocks to help rebuild tissue. The other is probiotics to help develop good, healthy bacteria in the system, which we absolutely need. And then pro... Excuse me, digestive enzymes to help make sure that we're breaking those proteins and those foods down into the amino acids, the sugars, and the fatty acids.

And once that's done and we eliminate that food that's making us inflamed, our body begins to heal better and we begin to function better. Our brain fog lifts, our digestive troubles go away. We start feeling more energy and our body is now functioning correctly.

So I hope you enjoyed this video. Go ahead and share this video on social media. And I also invite you to join our community on the Optamiz app. And you can search for it, O-P-T-A-M-I-Z on the App Store or Google Play. And in there, you'll find all kinds of content on nutrition, real food, recipes, and a variety of different things that I think you'd find very helpful. And you can also join our community of people striving to get better. Thank you very much.

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