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What an Optamized Body Feels Like

I’ve personally had my highs and lows. I’ve been overweight (almost 200 pounds) and I’ve also been at my pinnacle when I competed in a figure competition.

Want to know what overweight feels like? I don’t wish it on anyone.

The Morning Routine of a Woman on a Diet (because you’re ALWAYS on a diet)...

You wake up in the morning, and you go to the bathroom just like any other normal person. You then venture to the torture device society likes to call, “the scale”. So you take off every piece of clothing on your body...from your socks to your earrings and you take a deep breath. Here goes…

So you stand on the scale, look down and think, WHAT?!?! How did the scale not move? I drank all my water yesterday and I drank the awful, no-carb, no sugar, chemically delicious, no taste, cardboard, chalk, wallpaper paste “chocolate” shake I read about in the magazine, how could I NOT have lost a pound? It’s idiot-proof, yet I failed at this, too.

Oh wait...maybe I need to go to the bathroom again. Maybe that will make a difference. (You laugh...but admit, you’ve done it!) So you go to the bathroom, again...try to get every last drop out of your body and try again. Stupid scale. Or...maybe it’s water weight.

Either way, your day is ruined already and it just started. You then throw your clothes back on and slowly wander to the bathroom where you brush your teeth and stare at yourself in the mirror. Do I really look like this to other people? Can they really see the size of my pores? How do they focus and have a conversation with me when I have this zit on my chin. Maybe if I put coverup on it, it won’t look so swollen.

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