Episode 13 - Reversing chronic disease with lifestyle medicine w/Coeurlida Louis Ashby MD, DipABLM

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Ashby from Conscious Health. She discusses the powerful results from approaching the practice of medicine from a lifestyle perspective and how patients suffering from chronic degenerative conditions can control and even reverse the course of their disease with proper diet, physical activity and other powerful lifestyle factors.

"Conscious Health: Coeurlida Louis Ashby MD, DipABLM is a Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician who obtained her medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Ashby completed her Internal Medicine residency training at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut, where she also served as Chief Resident of the Yale Primary Care Program, before moving to Florida. Dr. Ashby's over16 years of medical experience in Internal Medicine led her to create Conscious Health; a space to focus on supporting the body's natural healing processes; and to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. Dr. Ashby prioritizes nutrition, fitness, sleep, and other Lifestyle modalities to help her patients reduce or eliminate the need for multiple drugs."

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