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A Step In The Right Direction!

The manufacturer of Roundup announces they will discontinue selling the product. But, it's not for the toxic and cancer causing effects on the human population.

The manufacture of Roundup announces they will discontinue selling the product. Bayer acquired the Roundup manufactured Monsanto in 2018. Roundup is used as an herbicide by millions of residential customers in the US. As a water soluble herbicide, the vast majority of the toxic substance doesn't even reach the intended target of weeds and other plants. The majority ends up in our waterways, drinking water and in our bodies. As a suspected carcinogen with links to non-Hodgkin lymphoma, the glyphosate in Roundup is listed as "probably carcinogenic" to humans by the International Agency for Research on cancer (IARC) and banned by several European nations.

But, the decision to discontinue selling the product is only for residential use. They will continue to sell their toxic product for commercial use. i.e. large industrial farming operations.

Their reason for this decision is not due to the links to cancer and their concern for the welfare of the US population. Their reason is to avoid future litigation and lawsuits. Over the past several years, Bayer has faced nearly 125,000 claims from landscapers, home gardeners, and farmers, alleging that glyphosate in Roundup caused them to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Sadly, it comes down to their bottom line. To date, they have settled all but 30,000 of these claims. And, three of the claims have made it to trial resulting in huge losses against the company.

You can check out the full article below. And for additional information on glyphosate, check out this documentary, GMO's Revealed. At 17:50, Dr. Bush discusses the origin of glyphosate as Agent Orange.

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