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4 Amazing Plant-Based Beyond Burgers

In this episode of @Optamiz Health , Heather prepares four different burgers using Beyond Burgers by @Beyond Meat . She prepares a Mexican theme with jalapeños, guacamole by @Yucatan Foods and a plant-based queso by @Good Foods . She then prepares a mushroom and onion burger and uses Caramelized Onion hummus by @Sabra Hummus . Then, she prepares a traditional American Cheeze burger with cheeze slices from @violife cheese 2020 . Finally, Heather makes a spicy peppers and onion burger with Mateo's Salsa and Cholula Hot Sauce.

Mexican Queso Burger

Ingredients: Jalapeño slices - to taste

Good Foods - Queso Style dip


Corn tortillas - small handheld - 4 per burger


1. Cook the beyond burger on the grill

2. Grill the tortillas or heat them on the stovetop

3. Place the burger on two tortillas, add the burger, put guacamole on top with some jalapeños, place the other tortillas on top.

4. Serve with the Queso Style Dip and have at it! Get messy and dip it, it’s totally worth it!

Mushroom and Onion Hummus Burger



Sabra Caramelized Onion Hummus

Ciabatta Bread

1. Caramelize the onions and mushrooms in a pan.

2. Cook the Beyond Burger on the grill to your liking.

3. Toast the ciabatta bread on the grill.

4. Place the burger, mushroom and onion mixture, and hummus on the bun.

5. Serve with a little hummus on the side if you like, and/or a little hot sauce.

This one was totally my favorite! ~Heather

Old School Burger


Violife Cheddar Cheese

Organic (or Simply) Ketchup

Tomato Slices

Lettuce - Romain, Arugula, or Iceburg

Ciabatta Bread

1. Cook the burger, place the cheese on the burger when on the grill.

2. Brown the bun…it’s so much better this way!

3. Have at it! Make a burger and make it BIG!

Spicy Mex Burger

Salsa - As hot as you like it

Hot Sauce


Red Onion


Ciabatta Bread

1. For this one, you’ll want to cook the onions and peppers in the hot sauce to give them the heat and flavor you’re looking for.

2. Cook the burger and don’t forget to toast the bun.

3. If you want cheese to counter the heat, have at it!

4. Place the cooked burger on a bun with the onions and pepper mixture.

5. Add avocado slices or guacamole.

6. Take pics and handle it! Go baby, go!

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