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Plant-Based Jumpstart

Optamiz Your Food, Your Health & Your Impact

Saturday, September 18th 9am - Noon

Live & Virtual!
1400 Cattlemen Rd, Suite 102, Sarasota, FL 34232
Are you curious about the health benefits of a plant based diet?

Are you suffering From:

  • High Blood Pressure?

  • Inflammation?

  • Elevated Cholesterol?

  • Type II Diabetes?

  • Obesity?

  • Leaky Gut?


Are You Concerned About:

  • Autoimmune?

  • Chronic Illness?

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis?

  • Crohn's Disease?

  • Multiple Sclerosis?

  • IBD?

This powerful seminar will lead you through the simple steps that are proven to reclaim your health and rid yourself of debilitating illness and sickness.

Presented by Optamiz Co-Founders, Heather Hackett & Dr. Ken Kaufman

They have over 50 years of combined experience in health and nutrition. They bring together a positive community of motivators, uppers, game-changers, and influencers. Optamiz Health was created teach people how to Optamiz their food, their health, and their impact through utilizing the Optamiz App, Optamiz Your Health Podcast, and this Plant-Based Jumpstart Program.

What You Get

  • Optamiz Jumpstart Workbook

  • Optamiz Nutrition Plan

  • Optamiz Supplement Plan

  • Optamiz 1-2-3 Daily Diet

  • Optamiz Mobile App

  • Ongoing Support

  • Plant-Based Lunch Provided


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