Heather Hackett

Co-Founder & CEO

Heather Hackett has given 20 years to inspiring and promoting others to lead an active, healthy, and rewarding lifestyle. As a book publisher, author, trainer, and featured sports and nutrition writer, she has educated and empowered both children and adults to make life-changing choices. She has also evolved her knowledge and expertise in plant-based nutrition and the countless benefits it has on individuals and the global impact. In working with husband and co-founder, Dr. Ken Kaufman, they created Optamiz Health and the Optamiz app to do their part in accelerating the plant-based movement.

Ken Head.jpg

Dr. Ken Kaufman

Co-Founder & COO

As the Founder and Clinic Director of Sarasota Sports Medicine, a chiropractic & functional nutrition clinic, Dr. Ken Kaufman has helped thousands of individuals, professional athletes, and celebrities recover from physical injuries and help them overcome chronic, degenerative health conditions through plant-based nutrition. Through his own personal experience and extensive knowledge in nutritional research, he now dedicates his expertise to guiding his patients and developing technologies to help individuals achieve optimal health. Along with his co-founder and wife, Heather Hackett, they are launching the Optamiz app, with the mission to accelerate the plant-based movement to inspire global change.


Chris Driggers

Creative Director for Marketing

Chris is one of the most kind-hearted, genuine individuals we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Artistically, he also happens to be the most talented. He continually exceeds our expectations and keeps us laughing in the process.